Sentence Examples with the word chew

Rainy wants to chew your ass out for dragging Traci into this, and then I'll chew your ass out for being so fucking stupid.

Laurens displayed bravery even to rashness in the storming of the Chew mansion at Germantown; at Monmouth, where he saved Washington's life, and was himself severely wounded; and at Coosahatchie, where, with a handful of men, he defended a pass against a large English force under General Augustine Prevost, and was.

She could tuck it back in her mind and chew on it later or she could do something about it now.

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Might try to chew through my other arm.

Known as durra is now cultivated over the entire continent, and has become the most important cereal; the natives also chew the stem, which contains sugar.

The natives chew betel nuts instead of tobacco, and to the production of these nuts they devote more than 60,000 acres.

Pecora, or true ruminants as they may be conveniently called, have complex stomachs and chew the cud; they have no upper incisor teeth; and the lower canines are approximated to the outer incisors in such a manner that the three incisors and the one canine of the two sides collectively form a continuous semicircle of four pairs of nearly similar teeth.

In old age they appear much ground down; particularly is this the case with women, who chew the different kinds of fibres, of which they make nets and bags.

Spectacular jumps and imaginative ambushes give you plenty to chew on, but also provide refreshing contrast to other sections of the game.

I know, you think he had his hands full raising me, and I'm sure he did, but if I had let him, he would have told me which side to chew my breakfast on.