Sentence Examples with the word chef

In 1795 he accompanied Bernadotte as aide-de-camp. In 1799 he was promoted chef d'escadron, and in 1800 colonel.

Au chef du gouvernement francais, said Dolgorukov, with grave satisfaction.

By this time he had already entered into politics; he had been chef du cabinet of Jules Ferry (1879-1881), though this did not distract him from his literary work.

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He became chef de brigade in December 1796 and general of brigade in 1798, in which year he accompanied Bonaparte to Egypt.

Pajol: Pajol general en chef (Paris, 1874); Thomas, Les Grands cavaliers du premier empire (Paris, 1892); and Choppin, in the Journal des sciences militaires (1890).

In 1808 he was created a count of the empire, and in 1811 he retired from the army with the grade of chef de brigade.

Thenceforth his example was largely followed, and it may now be said that the tendency of many of the best Japanese ceramists is to copy Chinese chef s-dteuvre.

He edited Jean de Joinville's Histoire de St Louis, roi de France (Paris, 1668), and his other works which may be mentioned are Traite historique du chef de St Jean Baptiste (Paris, 1666); Lettre du Sieur N., conseiller du roi (Paris, 1682); Cyrilli, Philoxeni, aliorumque veterum glossaria, and Memoire sur le projet d'un nouveau recueil des historiens de France, avec le plan general de ce recueil, which has been inserted by Jacques Lelong in his Bibliotheque historique de la France (Paris, 1768-1778).

PAUL DOUMER (1857-), French politician, was born at Aurillac. He studied law and made his debut in politics as chef de cabinet to Floquet, when president of the chamber in 1885.

He saw active service in Algeria, and became chef d'escadron in 1849 and lieutenant-colonel in 1850.