Sentence Examples with the word cheese

The dairy factory system was introduced into Canada in 1864, and from that time the production and exportation of cheese grew rapidly.

The food of the working classes is principally bread, with oil, olives, cheese and fruit, sometimes fish, but seldom meat; common wine is largely imported from southern Europe.

Oieape, a mite), a genus of Arachnids, represented by the cheese mite and other forms.

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The pork and hams of Estremadura are famous; goats milk and cheese are important articles of diet.

The name of Cheddar is given to a well-known species of cheese (see Dairy), the manufacture of which began in the 17th century in the town and neighbourhood.

Cattlerearing and butter and cheese making are consequently the chief occupations, while on the coast many of the people are engaged in making mats and besoms. The river system of the province is determined by two main ridges of hills.

We meet at meals three times a day, and give each other a new taste of that old musty cheese that we are.

In addition large numbers are engaged in industries arising out of agriculture; among these are manufacturers of agricultural implements, millers of flour and oatmeal, curers and packers of meat, makers of cheese and butter, and persons occupied in the transportation and commerce of grain, hay, live stock, meats, butter, cheese milk, eggs, fruit and various other products.

A little mortal meat, some cheese and crackers.

They have neither good bread, cheese nor drink.