Sentence Examples with the word cheery

His cheery optimism was at the basis of this attitude, and strongly coloured his belief in the Messianic ideals.

In character he was modest, kind and sympathetic, ever ready to help and encourage serious students, generous in his judgment of the works of others, a most cheery companion, full of wit and humour.

She turned, and went up the stairs, humming a cheery tune.

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In fact, no one can listen to the cheery sound of its ordinary calls with any but a hopeful feeling.

Captain Keller met us in the yard and gave me a cheery welcome and a hearty handshake.

After a few more banalities Dickinson Faust rose, shook Dean's hand, patted his shoulder and bid a cheery adieu.

The homely terseness of his style, his abounding humour - rough, cheery and playful, but irresistible in its simplicity, and occasionally displaying sudden and dangerous barbs of satire - his avoidance of dogmatic subtleties, his noble advocacy of practical righteousness, his bold and open denunciation of the oppression practised by the powerful, his scathing diatribes against ecclesiastical hypocrisy, the transparent honesty of his fervent zeal, tempered by sagacious moderation - these are the qualities which not only rendered his influence so paramount in his lifetime, but have transmitted his memory to posterity as perhaps that of the one among his contemporaries most worthy of our interest and admiration.

Neither believed her cheery pronouncement.

He extended his hand, introducing himself and swinging into a cheery speech about the visual pleasures of wintertime in Ouray.