Sentence Examples with the word cheers

Jim and the buggy followed, the old cab-horse being driven by Zeb while the Wizard stood up on the seat and bowed his bald head right and left in answer to the cheers of the people, who crowded thick about him.

It was just as well that Cynthia's view was impaired, as she'd surely offer more sympathy for the vanquished than cheers for the victors.

We could hear the yells of the boys and the cheers of the lookers-on as plainly in our room as if we had been on the field.

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In a speech in favour of the government bill for a rate in aid in 1849, he won loud cheers from both sides, and was complimented by Disraeli for having sustained the reputation of that assembly.

If you yourself can withstand three cheers at beholding these vivacious fish, then heaven help ye; the spirit of godly gamesomeness is not in ye.

It was only to be expected that the Germans, whose very existence was in question, should show themselves to be patriotic. But it was somewhat surprising that at Prague, after the declaration of war, Germans and Czechs sang Die TV acht am Rhein together in the streets, and the burgomaster, a Czech, made a speech in German before the town hall in which he called for cheers for the Emperor William and the fraternization of Germans and Czechs.

With a swift motion, she sent the combination skyward where tack and bill joined the hundreds of others while she deftly caught the falling quarter to the cheers of the dinners.

The Union with England was so unpopular that not only did the provost vote against the measure in the Scottish parliament, but the articles were burned (20th of November 1706) at the Market Cross by a body of Cameronians, amidst the approving cheers of the inhabitants.

There were ironic cheers from the side that lost the game.

The creature tells me otherwise and cheers me on whenever I take the head of another cursed barbarian.