Sentence Examples with the word check out

Funny. Look, some folks check out early.

Your return flight back isn't until 4:00 so we've got hours to grab a bite and check out that motel.

Have someone check out the bicycle shops in the area and see if that half receipt you found in the car came from one of them.

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The session was mercifully short and they decided to go to check out the renovated house and make sure it was ready for the new renters.

He was willing to personally alert the local police and have them check out the vehicle even without clear cut identification.

I just came up here by myself to check out the property in general.

He informed Dean the climbers, who were due to check out later, had left for the ice park, grumbling at the heavy accumulation of snow which was abating to a last-ditch flurry after depositing thirty inches of fluffy white.

Too bad you couldn't have your FBI pal Winston check out a few more names for us.

If nothing else, he'd check out this Logan guy this evening and see whatever it was Rhyn wanted him to see.