Sentence Examples with the word check

To check this courts were multiplied (there were five, six or more instances), which only multiplied the evil.

Sending legates in 865 to quell disturbances and check evil practices in the island.

Unfortunately for the success of her schemes she had to reckon with stronger states which were anxious to check the Russian advance, and which were determined, in the event of aggression, to have a share of the plunder.

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I check the web site of After occasionally but have refrained from direct contact.

This sliding movement is resisted by placing a check rail on the inner side of the inner rail, to take the lateral thrust of the wheels on that side.

In bronchitis with profuse expectoration the use of morphine is particularly dangerous, as it is likely to check the cough so necessary for getting rid of the secretion, but in the converse condition it usefully allays the harassing cough by diminishing the excitability of the respiratory centre.

Saddened, she considered calling him to check in when a sudden pounding at the door made her jump.

Their mouths are blocked by sand bars, which in the dry season check their flow and produce the lagoons and marshes which characterize the coast.

Dean ignored his stepfather and instead pointed out Jeffrey Byrne's belongings and suggested Mrs. Byrne might want to check them over before signing a receipt.

I'll check into that too.