Sentence Examples with the word chastised

I sensed he'd been chastised to silence by his wife.

He silently chastised himself for even caring that some guy named Cleary had spent a few weeks in Scranton and now was traveling off in the sunset in a blue-white-or-lavender motor home.

He now turned against Corsica, captured Bastia (August 1553) and on his return to Constantinople, laden with booty and slaves, chastised the insurgent Albanians.

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In the next year Tethmosis revisited the Phoenician ports, chastised the rebellious and received the tribute of Syria, all the while preparing for further advance, which did not take place until another year had gone by.

I hadn't known how Annie was abducted and chastised myself for not seeking the details.

Though he chastised Liberal professors and turbulent students, it was in the spirit of a benevolent Landesvater; and he laboured assiduously at the enormous task of administrative reconstruction necessitated by the problem of welding the heterogeneous elements of the new Prussian kingdom into a united whole.

Alex might come back after the way she chastised him, and then again, he might not.

He turned first against the Byzantines, who were defeated several times; he took Cordova and chastised the Suevi; and then by stern measures he destroyed the power of those unruly and rebellious chieftains who had reduced former kings to the position of ciphers.

Ryland continued, a chastised look on his face.