Sentence Examples with the word chastise

I chastise myself for taking an undue risk when other means are available.

Actually, Gerald's intent was probably to ward off an attack, rather than chastise Alex.

Thereafter the Spaniards maintained a fitful intercourse with Brunei, varied by not infrequent hostilities, and in 1645 a punitive expedition on a larger scale than heretofore was sent to chastise Brunei for persistent acts of piracy.

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Kris said nothing, feeling at once foolish and like he was the child Andre used to chastise for failing to focus on his duties.

The Homeric Erinyes chastise outrages on the poor, injuries to guests, failure to show the respect due to parents or to recognize the rights of age, in this life; only on perjury does the divine doom extend to the next.

The Kroumir tribe was reported to have attacked a French force on the Algerian border, and on the 9th of April Roustan informed the bey of Tunis that France would chastise the assailants.

Esprit Flechier, bishop of Nimes, in this Histoire du cardinal Jimenes (Paris, 1693), says that Torquemada made her promise that when she became queen she would make it her principal business to chastise and destroy heretics.

He looked up at her, obviously afraid she would further chastise him.

Took the part of the complainants and commissioned Duke Godfrey of Lorraine to chastise the young Frisian count.

With a view to establishing his authority he now made overtures to the Porte and was commissioned to chastise the rebellious pasha of Scutari, whom he defeated and killed.