Sentence Examples with the word chasm

The chasm appeared to Dean to be a hundred feet or more to the river below.

There was as great a social distance between the planters and their families on the one side and the masses of people in Virginia on the other as that which separated the nobles from the yeomanry in Europe; and there was still another chasm between the small farmers and the negroes.

The consequence was the rapid extension and widening of the chasm that divided the German people.

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But bye and bye, as she stared ahead into the black chasm with a beating heart, she began to dimly see the form of the horse Jim--his head up in the air, his ears erect and his long legs sprawling in every direction as he tumbled through space.

The commission declared that the chasm between the native and white races had been broadening for years and that the efforts of the administration - especially since the grant of responsible government - to reconcile the Kaffirs to the changed conditions of rule and policy and to convert them into an element of strength had been ineffective.

Dunluce Castle, between Portrush and Bushmills, stands on a rock separated from the mainland by a chasm which is spanned by a bridge.

In the Croatian Karst the seven streams of the Lika unite and plunge into a rocky chasm near Gospic, and the few small brooks of this region usually vanish underground in a similar manner.

The picturesque winding chasm of Shanklin Chine breaches the cliffs S.

Over the chasm is a chapel del Crocefisso, the mountain having split, it is said, at the death of Christ.

About a mile west of the town are the curious sea mills; a stream of sea water running down a chasm in the shore is made to turn the wheels.