Sentence Examples with the word chased

I chased them into the forest and ended up surrounded.

New Zealand Tom and Don Miguel, after at various times creating great havoc among the boats of different vessels, were finally gone in quest of, systematically hunted out, chased and killed by valiant whaling captains, who heaved up their anchors with that express object as much in view, as in setting out through the Narragansett Woods, Captain Butler of old had it in his mind to capture that notorious murderous savage Annawon, the headmost warrior of the Indian King Philip.

The nurses chased them from the room so they would have room to work and then someone gave her a shot.

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True, among the more upright and honourable whalemen allowances are always made for peculiar cases, where it would be an outrageous moral injustice for one party to claim possession of a whale previously chased or killed by another party.

He had risked his own life to protect her from the wild dogs, and chased the man who smashed her windshield.

But when the Syrians chased him into the mountains, 6000 Jews went over to him and, with their aid, he put down the rebellion.

I had the feeling if I hadn't, he might have chased them down himself.

When I ran, he chased me and I fell.

By means of negotiations instigated and prosecuted with great perseverance by the university of Paris and the Inquisition, and through the persistent scheming of Pierre Cauchon, the bishop of Beauvais - a Burgundian partisan, who, chased from his own see, hoped to obtain the archbishopric of Rouen - she was sold in November by John of Luxemburg and Burgundy to the English, who on the 3 rd of January 1431, at the instance of the The Porte St Honore where Joan was wounded stood where the Comedic Francaise now stands.

She screamed when she saw a figure at her bedroom window and her father chased him.