Sentence Examples with the word chartreuse

See La Grande Chartreuse par un Chartreux (Grenoble, 1898); H.

These were transferred from the Chartreuse of Dijon (or of Champmol), built by Philip the Bold as a mausoleum, now replaced by a lunatic asylum.

Here are iron forges, and here was formerly the chief centre of the manufacture of the famed Chartreuse liqueur.

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This establishment near Alexandria was, as it were, the Grande Chartreuse of their order.

Ferrand, Guide a la Grande Chartreuse (1889); and Les Montagnes de la Chartreuse (1899).

Adjoining the Chartreuse is a small chapel in which are preserved the bones of the Royalists captured by the Republicans in a battle fought near the spot in 1795.

Beltrami, La Chartreuse de Pavie (Milan, 1899); Storia documentata della Certosa di Pavia (Milan, 1896).

Hs body was first buried at Montereau and afterwards removed to the Chartreuse of Dijon and placed in a magnificent tomb sculptured by Juan de la Huerta; the tomb was afterwards transferred to the museum in the hotel de ville.

In course of time there was a widespread desire in Europe for a stricter rule among the monks, and reforms of the Benedictine rule were instituted at Cluni (910), Chartreuse (about 1080) and Citeaux (1098).