Sentence Examples with the word charter

The Saturday market, which was held up to the 19th century, is mentioned in 1220, and was confirmed by royal charter in 1253, together with a fair at Michaelmas.

At its first session the assembly passed an act declaratory of the rights and privileges of the people, and much like the charter of liberties and privileges enacted in 1683, except that annual instead of triennial sessions of the assembly were now requested and, as was also provided in Sloughter's commission and instructions, religious liberty was denied to Roman Catholics.

Both factions appealed to the governor of New York, that province having claimed jurisdiction over the islands under the grant to the duke of York in 1664, and, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with that government, sought a union with Massachusetts until the islands were annexed to that province by its new charter of 1691.

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In 1763 the Kentucky country was claimed by the Cherokees as a part of their hunting grounds, by the Six Nations (Iroquois) as a part of their western conquests, and by Virginia as a part of the territory granted to her by her charter of 1609, although it was actually inhabited only by a few Chickasaws near the Mississippi river and by a small tribe of Shawnees in the north, opposite what is now Portsmouth, Ohio.

But once more, in contrast with English experience, the great trading company proved a failure in French hands as a colonizing agent, and in 1674 its charter was summarily revoked by Louis XIV.

Being under the forest laws, was affected by the forest clauses of Magna Carta and by the Forest Charter (12r7), which mitigated their severity.

P.) ' So Ego Haroldus dux, Ego Tostinus dux, in a charter of Edward the Confessor (1060), Hist.

It returned two members to parliament as a borough from 1295 until deprived of one member by the act of 1867, and finally disfranchised by that of 1885, but no charter of corporation was granted until 1683, when Charles II.

Of any part of the canal authorized, but Pennsylvania refused permission to use the waters of the Delaware, and the charter lapsed; in 1830 the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company was incorporated by an act which forbade the construction of any other canal within 5 m.

Robert Bruce gave the town its charter in 1322, though in his Fife: Pictorial and Historical (ii.