Sentence Examples with the word charmingly

The view was most charmingly picturesque.

They are charmingly simple and graceful, and they have been rendered into English again and again since the beginning of the Meiji era.

But, as Newton charmingly puts it (Diet.

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The city is charmingly situated on the shore of Lake Charles, and on the Calcasieu river, which with some dredging can be made navigable for large vessels for 132 m.

How charmingly he describes! said she, reading the descriptive part of the letter.

Of Elgin, charmingly situated in a secluded valley encircled by firclad heights, lie the picturesque remains of Pluscarden Priory, a Cistercian house founded by Alexander II.

Of Warrenpoint (connected by tramway) is Rosstrevor, one of the most noted watering-places in Ireland, charmingly situated in a position open to the sea, but enclosed on the north and east.

The town is charmingly situated on a small plateau, 1680 ft.

One episode, in especial, has been most charmingly treated by the poets.

The best forms of poeticus ornatus have been crossed with the bunch-flowered Tazettas, and have resulted in producing varieties with large trusses of exquisite flowers more or less resembling the ornatus parents, and varying in colour from the purest white to yellow, the rim of the corona being in most cases conspicuously and charmingly coloured with red or crimson.