Sentence Examples with the word charlestown

He shared in the formation of a church at Charlestown (afterwards the First Church in Boston) on the 30th of July 1630, of which he was thenceforth a member.

Melrose was settled about 1633, and was a part of Charlestown until 1649, and of Malden until 1850.

Under the charter for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (1629), which superseded the Dorchester Company patent, Endecott continued as governor until the arrival in 1630 of John Winthrop, who soon removed the seat of government from Salem first to Charlestown and then to Boston.

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Beyond Charlestown reaches the Transvaal frontier at mile 307.

From the hills of Charlestown they could watch and see what the king's soldiers were doing.

It is situated on a peninsula between the Mystic and Chelsea rivers, and Charlestown and East Boston, and is connected with East Boston and Charlestown by bridges.

Thomas Gould of Charlestown seems to have been in close touch with President Dunster and to have shared his antipaedobaptist views as early as 1654.

An attempt of the provincials to seize and hold a commanding hill in Charlestown brought on the battle of Bunker Hill (June 1 7, 1775), in which the provincials were driven from the ground, although they lost much less heavily than the royal troops.

In 1842 Somerville was separated from Charlestown and incorporated under its present name; it was chartered as a city in 1871.

All these trials were conducted in accordance with the English law of the time; there had been an execution for witchcraft at Charlestown in 1648; there was a case in Boston in 1655; in 1680 a woman of Newbury was condemned to death for witchcraft but was reprieved by Governor Simon Bradstreet; in England and Scotland there were many executions long after the Salem delusion died out.