Sentence Examples with the word charcoal

The charcoal man sat down by the fire.

By passing over or through rich soil the water may, however, actually be enriched, just as clear water passed through a charcoal filter which has been long used becomes impure.

The inhabitants are employed chiefly in the iron mines, at forges and blast furnaces, and in charcoal burning and the manufacture of blacking from firewood.

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The clear, bright syrup coming from the bag filters passes to the charcoal cisterns or filters.

Helium alone refuses to be absorbed, and it can be pumped off from the charcoal in a state of absolute purity.

Antimony compounds when heated on charcoal with sodium carbonate in the reducing flame give brittle beads of metallic antimony, and a white incrustation of the oxide.

In most modern refineries the cisterns are so arranged that the spent char falls on to a travelling band and is conducted to an elevator which carries it up to the drying floor of the charcoal kiln.

I've got some charcoal stuff I found in the garage.

The precipitants in use are: ferrous sulphate, charcoal and sulphuretted hydrogen, either alone or mixed with sulphur dioxide; the use of copper and iron sulphides has been suggested, but apparently these substances have achieved no success.

The charcoal gray trousers made the most of his lean torso.