Sentence Examples with the word chapterhouse

Langton built the chapterhouse at Chichester, and was a benefactor of the university of Oxford.

Thus in the chapterhouse of a monastery there constantly took place acts of discipline that depended on the theory that the sin of the individual is the concern of the society; open confession was made, open penance exacted.

The buildings are completely ruined, but enough remains to enable us to identify the grand cruciform church (A), the cloister-court with the chapterhouse (B), the refectory (I), the kitchen-court with its offices (K, 0, 0) and the other principal apartments.

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Of the former of these records two copies were preserved in the chapterhouse at Westminster (now in the Record Office, London), and it has been printed by Rymer (Foedera, ii.

In the lavatory, or vestibule connecting the chapterhouse with the choir, Marjory Anderson, a poor half-crazy creature, a soldier's widow, took up her quarters in 1748.