Sentence Examples with the word chapelle

The victory of Dettingen (1743) and the glorious defeat of Fontenoy (1ii45) had achieved no objects worthy of English intervention, and the peace of Aix-la- Chapelle put an end in 1748 to hostilities which should never have been begun.

Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley (vide Ellis's lecture) regarded the French ton de chapelle as being about a minor third below the Diapason Normal, a' 435, and said that most of the untouched organs in the French cathedrals were at this low pitch.

As early as I120 three fleurs-de-lis were sculptured on the capitals of the Chapelle Saint-Aignan at Paris.

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After I P.M., and just before he gave orders for Ney to lead the main attack, the emperor scanned the battlefield, and on his right front he saw a dense dark cloud emerging from the woods at Chapelle Saint Lambert.

He decorated the Sainte Chapelle at Bourges; he built the Hotel de Nesle in Paris, and palaces at Poitiers, Bourges, Mehun-sur-Yevre and elsewhere.

In the same reign the Cour du Cheval Blanc, including the Chapelle de la Ste Trinite and the Galerie d'Ulysse, destroyed and rebuilt under Louis XV., was constructed by Pierre Chambiges.

And the lower storey of the left wing of the Cour de la Fontaine are the work of the same architect, who also rebuilt the two-storeyed Chapelle St Saturnin.

The second court of the abbey contains a remarkable building, the Tour d'Evrault (12th century), which long went under the misnomer of chapelle funeraire, but was in reality the old kitchen.