Sentence Examples with the word chanted

I.) a procession of the clergy and people round the city, in which relics of St Remigius were carried and litanies chanted in order to avert the plague.

Regularly at half-past seven, in one part of the summer, after the evening train had gone by, the whip-poor-wills chanted their vespers for half an hour, sitting on a stump by my door, or upon the ridge-pole of the house.

I know pain, and this is nothing, he chanted to himself, waiting for them to release him so he could attack.

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The familiar words in her thoughts were chanted in a voice that wasn't hers.

The canonical office was chanted throughout, but the directly religious duties of the day can hardly have taken more than 4 or 5 hours - perhaps 8 on Sundays.

The chief actors in the ceremony were Augustus himself and his colleague Agrippa, - while, as the extant record tells us, the processional hymn, chanted by youths and maidens first before the new temple of Apollo on the Palatine and then before the temple of Jupiter on the Capitol, was composed by Horace.

From an almost contemporary period he has been the subject of song; and he who was chanted by wandering minstrels in the 12th century has survived to be hymned in revolutionary odes of the 19th.

The seraphim were burning serpentine forms who hovered above the enthroned Yahweh and chanted the Trisagion in Isaiah's consecration vision (Isa.

Solemn hymns chanted by the Udgatris.

She chanted the words as they walked towards the horizon.