Sentence Examples with the word changed

Augusta was originally a part of the township of Hallowell (incorporated in 1771); in 1797 the north part of Hallowell was incorporated as a separate town and named Harrington; and later in the same year the name was changed to Augusta.

Already by the beginning of the 14th century these conquests had fundamentally changed the character of the Order.

The accession of Rudolph (1576-1612), 76-1612), a fanatical The reign of Spanish Catholic, changed the situation entirely.

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She hugged his pillow, thankful that she hadn't changed the sheets yet.

He changed the sentence on Katte to one of death and ordered the execution to take place in Frederick's presence, himself arranging its every detail; Frederick's own fate would depend upon the effect of this terrible object-lesson and the response he should make to the exhortations of the chaplain sent to reason with him.

He'd changed into a sweater and dark jeans and gazed down at her, disapproval in his hard features.

The soil of yards and the floors and walls of houses rapidly become contaminated, and the ideal condition would be to have an impermeable flooring covering the whole area, and supplied with suitable layers of sand, sawdust, peat-moss or other absorbent substances which can be changed at frequent intervals.

Taran escaped before the madman changed his mind.

He changed into all black and strapped a sword to his back before closing his eyes and envisioning the interior of NOVA Sector.

She showered and changed into her new nightgown, but Alex was still downstairs when she crawled into bed.