Sentence Examples with the word chancery

Four inquisitions during the 13th century supported the abbot's claims, yet in 1343 the townsmen declared in a chancery bill of complaint that Cirencester was a borough distinct from the manor, belonging to the king but usurped by the abbot, who since 1308 had abated their court of provostry..

He defeated the strange bill which sought to exclude lawyers from parliament; and to the sweeping and ill-considered changes in the court of chancery proposed by Cromwell and the council he offered an unbending and honourable resistance, being dismissed in consequence, together with his colleague Widdrington, on the 6th of June 1655 from his commissionership of the Great Seal (see Lenthall, William).

Both the chancery and the stadholdership were independent of the diet and responsible to the king alone, being, in fact, his executive instruments.

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Justice.-The Supreme Court of Judicature is constituted as follows: the court of appeal, which consists of the lord chancellor, the lord chief justice, and the master of the rolls and the chief baron of the exchequer as ex-officio members, and two lords justices of appeal; and the high court of justice which includes (1) the chancery division, composed of the lord chancellor, the master of the rolls and two justices, (2) the king's bench division composed of the lord chief justice, the chief baron of the exchequer and eight justices, and (3) the land commissions with two judicial commissioners.

The depositions of witnesses were returned to Rome in 1632, but meantime the forms of the Roman chancery had been changed by Urban VIII., and the advocates could not at once continue their work.

The court of chancery is also an offshoot of the curia regis.

Established here his courts of chancery and exchequer and the great sessions for South Wales.

Hitherto almost the whole of the internal business had been concentrated in the imperial chancery (Reichskanzleraint), and, Bismarck had allowed great freedom of action to DelbrUck, the head of the office.

In 1032 it is possible that a separate chancery was established for this kingdom.

Still less safe is it to ascribe the authorship of the forgery to any particular pope on the ground of its style; for papal letters were drawn up in the papal chancery and the style employed there was apt to persist through several pontificates.