Sentence Examples with the word champollion

For one year, before his illness incapacitated him, Champollion held a professorship in Paris; but of his pupils and fellow-workers, F.

Befriended by Bunsen and Humboldt, Lepsius threw himself with great ardour into Egyptological studies, which, since the death of Champollion in 1832, had attracted no scholar of eminence and weight.

In 1827 a combined expedition led by Champollion and Rosellini was despatched by the governments of France and Tuscany, and accomplished a great deal of valuable work in copying scenes and inscriptions.

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See Pfnor, Monographie de Fontainebleau, with text by Champollion Figeac (Paris, 1866); Guide artistique et historique au palais de Fontainebleau (Paris, 1889); E.

The celebrated Rosetta Stone which supplied Champollion with the key for the decipherment of the ancient monuments of Egypt was found near Fort St Julien, 4 m.

But there is no Champollion to decipher the Egypt of every man's and every being's face.

The zodiacs of the temple of Dendera gave rise to a considerable literature before their late origin was established by Champollion in 1822: one of them, from a chamber on the roof, was removed in 1820 to the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

His son Aime (1812-1894) became his father's assistant at the Bibliotheque Nationale, and besides a number of works on historical subjects wrote a biographical and bibliographical study of his family in Les Deux Champollion (Grenoble, 1887).

JEAN FRANCCOIS CHAMPOLLION (1790-1832), French Egyptologist, called LE Jeune to distinguish him from Champollion-Figeac, his elder brother, was born at Figeac, in the department of Lot, on the 23rd of December 1790.

By such labors after forty years the results attained by Champollion in decipherment were entirely superseded.