Sentence Examples with the word champagne

Like the First Crusade, the Fourth Crusade also - in its personnel, but not its direction - was a French enterprise; and its leading members were French feudatories like Theobald of Champagne (who was chosen leader of the Crusade), Baldwin of Flanders (the future emperor of Constantinople), and the count of Blois.

Of the wines imported from France, about one-quarter was Champagne and Saumur, the remainder consisting almost entirely of still wines, such as claret and burgundy.

The remainder of the department, with the exception of a more broken and picturesque district in the extreme north-west, forms part of the sterile and monotonous plain known as Champagne Pouilleuse.

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Instead she crossed to the full bar and traded the champagne for a triple shot of whiskey on the rocks.

In him the male line of the counts of Champagne and kings of Navarre, became extinct.

Jackson poured champagne and they toasted their engagement.

After the roast, champagne was served.

You can almost hear the champagne corks popping.

Before the ices, champagne was served round.

The merest pleasurelover may consistently say that he prefers a single glass of good champagne to several bottles of cooking-sherry; the slight but delicate experience of the single glass of good wine may fairly be regarded as preferable to the more massive but coarser experience of the large quantity of bad wine.