Sentence Examples with the word champ

At the Democratic National Convention in 1912 he swung his followers to Champ Clark, who led on the earlier ballots.

After the affair of the Champ de Mars (July 17th, 1791) a warrant was issued for his arrest, and he went into hiding.

At Lyons, on the 13th of March, Napoleon had issued an edict dissolving the existing chambers and ordering the convocation of a national mass meeting, or Champ de Mai, for the purpose of modifying the constitution of the Napoleonic empire.

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Not all the gorgeous display of the Champ de Mai (held on the 1st of June) could hide the discontent at the meagre fulfilment of the promises given at Lyons.

He was a prominent actor in the taking of the Bastille (14th of July 1789), in the massacre of the Champ de Mars (July 1791), and in the attack on the Tuileries (loth of August 1792).

Le Cadet, E tude du champ electrique de l'atmosphere (Paris, 1898); (2) Svante A.

Louis, indeed, accepted the constitution and attended the great Feast of Federation (July 14, 1790), when representatives from all the new departments assembled in the Champ de Mars to ratify the work of the Assembly; but the king either could not or would not say the expected word that would have dissipated mistrust.

This first became noticeable in connexion with the affair of the Champ de Mars on the 17th of July 1791.

He himself retreated towards Etoges endeavouring to rally his scattered detachments, but Napoleon was too quick for him and in three successive days he defeated Sacken at Montmirail,York at Champ Aubert and Blucher and his main body at Etoges, pursuing the latter towards Vertus.

The ceremony took place in the Champ de Mars (July 14, 1790) in presence of the king, the queen, the Assembly, and an enormous concourse of spectators.