Sentence Examples with the word challenging

According to other accounts which attribute Orion's death to Artemis, the goddess herself loved him and was deceived by the angry Apollo into shooting him by mistake; or he paid the penalty of offering violence to her, or of challenging her to a contest of quoit-throwing (Apollodorus i.

She wisely chose not to meet the challenging gaze of a restlessly shifting man among the king's company but focused on Taran's leg.

She rubbed her temples and issued a challenging glare to the contents of the pantry, furious once more she could eat none of the wonderful things it held.

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As if challenging his statement, the bay jerked his nose up and sucked in a breath.

And he looked at Pierre with a mocking, challenging expression.

From the date of his re-entering the House Hume became the self-elected guardian of the public purse, by challenging and bringing to a direct vote every single item of public expenditure.

It was obvious Donald, and to a lesser extent Dean, would enjoy steeper, longer and more challenging runs.

You are challenging me already.

Burgundy, and he exalted his office by challenging Anthony, comte de la Roche, the bastard of Burgundy, to single fight in what was one of the most famous tournaments of the age (see the elaborate narrative in Bentley's Excerpta Historica, 176182).

Oddly enough, he was beginning to like the challenging package that was his nishani.