Sentence Examples with the word challenge

Smarting under defeat and angered by Hamilton's criticisms, Burr sent the challenge which resulted in the famous duel at Weehawken, N.J., on the 11th of July 1804, and the death of Hamilton on the following day.

The interpretation and use of Scripture, they were not immediately interested in literary and historical criticism, nor con cerned to challenge the whole body of traditional lore The Reformers.

This momentous event for the southern kingdom was scarcely the outcome of a challenge to a trial of strength; it was rather the sequel to a period of smouldering jealousy and hostility.

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The challenge must be countered in a reductio ad iinpossibile in which the dilemma is put.

Ward's colleague, the more famous John Wallis, Savilian professor of geometry from 1649, had been privy to the challenge thrown out in 1654, and it was arranged that they should critically dispose of the De corpore between them.

We had no right to challenge his choices in spite of our lives being tied to his as tightly as a water-logged knot.

This challenge was first made in the Ada Lipsiensia for June 1696.

I challenge you! he ejaculated, and, pushing back his chair, he rose from the table.

Rostov recalled their quarrel of yesterday and the question presented itself whether he ought or ought not to challenge Bolkonski.

I like a challenge once in a while.