Sentence Examples with the word chained

The wretched captives were then chained and left in the court of the pashas house; and on the following morning the heads of their comrades who had perished the day before were skinned and stuffed with straw before their eyes.

Jewel's works were published in a folio in 1609 under the direction of Bancroft, who ordered the Apology to be placed in churches, in some of which it may still be seen chained to the lectern; other editions appeared at Oxford (1848, 8 vols.) and Cambridge (Parker Soc., 4 vols.).

Here the Dominicans, doubting the orthodoxy of the new-corners, had them put into prison, where they were chained foot to foot and fastened to a stake set up in the middle of the cell.

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In prison he was chained and treated with great severity.

Dan's got her chained to a tree, she's so mad, Brady said.

Gustavus's political difficulties (see Sweden: History) chained him to his camp for the remainder of the year.

The lot fell upon Hesione, who was chained to a rock to await the monster's coming.

She stared at him, not sure what to say or think about finding a man chained to her basement wall.

An image flashed, that of Damian chained to a wall.

Paperwork kept Dean chained to his desk until after lunch and he spent the afternoon pacing the courthouse corridor until plea-bargained to freedom shortly before five.