Sentence Examples with the word chagrined

A final mission to Persia, probably in 367, was a failure, and Antalcidas, deeply chagrined and fearful of the consequences, is said to have starved himself to death.

To which he refused to agree; and consequently the Saxon troops withdrew from the imperial army, a proceeding which led the chagrined emperor to seize and imprison Sch6ning in July 1692.

Finally he rubbed the back of his neck and gave her a chagrined smile.

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She unrolled her pants legs and slipped into her shoes, giving him a chagrined smile.

Giddon entered the room, his chagrined gaze immediately seeking Lisa.

Fought for the possession of Lorraine; but chagrined at the king's conduct in making peace in 980, he went to Rome to conclude an alliance with Otto.

One curious variety, called same-yaki, had glaze chagrined like the skin of a shark.

He appears to have been especially chagrined because the crown lands were not his personal property, but the whole of the new arrangements were repugnant to him.

Accused, probably without truth, of desertion at Neville's Cross, the Steward as heir-apparent was greatly chagrined by the king's proposal to make Edward III.

Gordon (the explorer of the Orange river), who commanded the Dutch forces at the Cape, chagrined by the occupation of the country by the British, committed suicide.