Sentence Examples with the word chagrin

On or even before her husband's death she retired to St Cyr, and had the chagrin of seeing all her plans for the advancement of the duke of Maine overthrown by means of the parliament of Paris.

There is reason to believe that these first attempts were not received with much favour, and that it was in chagrin at his failure that he precipitately withdrew from his native town, and sought a refuge in Greece proper (about 447 B.C.).

To his great chagrin he was obliged to begin borrowing again in 1672, and to have recourse to a,ffaires extraordinaires; and this brought him at last to his grave.

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No funds were forthcoming, and in 1795, to the chagrin of Coleridge, the scheme was dropped.

Having been beaten in a trial of soothsaying, Calchas died of chagrin or committed suicide.

But by the republic of 1848 he was held in less favour, and chagrin at the treatment he experienced at the hands of the governments which succeeded that of Louis Philippe is supposed to have shortened his life.

In the spring of 1 506 Leonardo, moved perhaps by chagrin at the failure of his work in the Hall of Council, accepted a pressing invitation to Milan, from Charles d'Amboise, Marechal de Chaumont, the lieutenant of the French king in Lombardy.

Not without chagrin at his defeat, he withdrew into the ranks of the opposition.

His appreciation of Grant, and his sympathy with the chagrin he suffered after this battle, cemented the friendship between the two.

Louis retaliated by refusing to sanction the duke of Burgundy's projected expedition against Calais, whereupon John quitted the court in chagrin on the pretext of taking up his mother's heritage.