Sentence Examples with the word certitude

According to Fries, the understanding is purely the faculty of proof; it is in itself void; immediate certitude is the only source of knowledge.

Cloots' main works are: La Certitude des preuves du mahometisme (London, 1780), published under the pseudonym of Ali-GurBer, in answer to Bergier's Certitude des preuves du christianisme; L'Orateur du genre humain, ou Depeches du Prussien Cloots au Prussien Herzberg (Paris, 1791), and La Republique universelle (1792).

Thus joined to Christ the believer has life in Him and knows that he is saved, having the witness of the Spirit that he is a child of God, and having the promises, the certitude of which the Spirit had before impressed on the mind, sealed by the same Spirit on the heart (bk.

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Le Livre des Sept preuves de la mission du Bdb (Paris, 1902); Le Livre de la certitude (1904); and Le Beyan arabe (1905); and there are other notable works by H.

In a somewhat similar fashion, Lamennais (in the first stage of his speculations, represented by the Essai sur l'indiference en matiere religieuse, 1817-18 21) endeavoured to destroy all rational certitude in order to establish the principle of authority; and the same profound distrust of the power of the natural reason to-arrive at truth is exemplified (though the allegation has been denied by the author) in Cardinal Newman.

For they run to suffer punishments, no matter how horrible, as if to a banquet; so that if you take that as a test either of the truth of doctrine or of their certitude of grace, you would easily conclude that in no other sect is to be found a faith so true or grace so certain.