Sentence Examples with the word centre of gravity

Algol, in fact, travels at the rate of 26.3 miles a second round the centre of gravity of the system which it forms with an invisible companion, while the two together approach the sun with an unvarying speed of 2.3 miles per second.

If it is an engine, particular attention must be directed to the type, weight, arrangement of wheels and height of centre of gravity above rail level.

To take a simple case, suppose a shaft supported on two bearings to carry a disk of weight W at its centre, I and let the centre of gravity of the disk be at a distance e from the axis of rotation, this small distance being due to imperfections of material or faulty construction.

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Hence Og represents the acceleration of the centre of gravity and, the weight of the connecting J.

Owing to the action of the planets, especially Venus and Jupiter, on the earth, the centre of gravity of the earth and moon deviates by a yet minuter amount, generally one or two tenths of a second, from the plane of the ecliptic proper.

If the perpendiculars from the vertices to the opposite faces of a tetrahedron be concurrent, then a sphere passes through the four feet of the perpendiculars, and consequently through the centre of gravity of each of the four faces, and through the mid-points of the segments of the perpendiculars between the vertices and their common point of intersection.

I, 1907, p. 328) that this is the result of physical causes and that the existence of the Pacific Ocean shows that the centre of gravity of the earth does not coincide with the centre of figure.

Though this prince continued to develop the city, giving it a municipality in 1866 1 and new harbour works in 1871-1878, he developed Cairo still more; and the centre of gravity definitely shifted to the inland capital.

In Aeolis, of course, the centre of gravity moved to the Attalid capital, Pergamum.

For if the body is removed, and replaced by the fluid as at first, this fluid is in equilibrium under its own weight and the thrust of the surrounding fluid, which must be equal and opposite, and the surrounding fluid acts in the same manner when the body replaces the displaced fluid again; so that the resultant thrust of the fluid acts vertically upward through the centre of gravity of the fluid displaced, and is equal to the weight.