Sentence Examples with the word centennial

Urann, Centennial History of Cleveland (Cleveland 1896); C. Whittlesey, The Early History of Cleveland (Cleveland, 1867); C. E.

In recent history the most notable events not mentioned elsewhere in this article were the elaborate celebration of the centennial of the city in 1896 and the street railway strike of 1899, in which the workers attempted to force a redress of grievances and a recognition of their union.

Among his best-known orations are that delivered at the unveiling of the Bartholdi statue of Liberty enlightening the World (1886), an address at the Washington Centennial in New York (1889), and the Columbian oration at the dedication ceremonies of the Chicago World's Fair (1892).

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He published Solar Investigations (New York, 1875) and Contributions to the Centennial Exhibition (New York, 1877).

Among the principal buildings are the state capitol, the state library, the city hall, the county court-house, the post-office, the Fowler public library, the state hospital, the state prison, the Centennial home for the aged, the Margaret Pillsbury memorial hospital, the Rolfe and Rumford asylum for orphan girls, founded by the countess Rumford, and several fine churches, including the Christian Science church built by Mrs Eddy.

Thurston, Pittsburgh and Allegheny in the Centennial Year (Pittsburg, 1876); for a history of the various forts as such, Report of the Commission to Locate the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania, vol.

Fentress, Centennial History of the U.S. Navy Yard at Portsmouth, N.

De Montmorency Laval, First Bishop Of Quebec, Brings Him Nearer To His Proper Themes, Which Are Found In Full Perfection In The Chant Du Vieux Soldat Canadien, Composed In 1856 To Honour The First French Man Of War That Visited British Quebec, And Le Drapeau De Carillon (1858), A Centennial Paean For Montcalm'S Canadians At Ticonderoga.

Fletcher, Je f ferson County, Iowa: Centennial History (Fairfield, 1876).

In the same year the largest producing gold mines were the Centennial Eureka in Juab county, the Mercur in Tooele county, and the Utah Consolidated and the Utah Copper in Salt Lake county.