Sentence Examples with the word censure

A man of strict and simple life, he did not hesitate at the legatine synod of 1517 to censure the clergy, in the presence of the brilliant Wolsey himself, for their greed of gain and love of display; and in the convocation of 1523 he freely opposed the cardinal's demand for a subsidy for the war in Flanders.

The chief differences between Burnet's original draft as represented by the Bodleian MS. and the printed history consist in a more lenient view generally of individuals, a modification of the censure levelled at the Anglican clergy, changes obviously dictated by a general variation in his point of view, and a more cautious account of personal matters such as his early relations with Lauderdale.

The premier was thought to have shown a restlessness and a rawness at, the touch of censure which did not increase his reputation for reserve power or strength, but this was undoubtedly due in large measure to the recrudescence of the insomnia from which he had suffered in 1891.

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Only escaped censure by the non placet of the proctors, Guillemard and Church.

It is in this last sense that the term is used in the New Testament, usually with an implicit censure of the factious spirit to which such divisions are due.

Irish accounts represent Columba as undertaking this mission in consequence of the censure expressed against him by the clergy after the battle of Cooldrevny; but this is probably a fabrication.

It is true that his French panegyrists (and he is not himself free from censure on this score) are unjust in their estimate of Smith as an expositor and extol too highly the merits of Say.

Nevertheless he only escaped a vote of censure by ten votes, and accordingly resigned office.

The Armenian, eschewed water and used pure wine, so falling under the censure of the council in Trullo of A.D.

Hastings appears to have been not altogether satisfied with the incidents of this expedition, and to have anticipated the censure which it received in England.