Sentence Examples with the word celt

But as the most dreaded of these Celtic tribes came down from the shores of the Baltic and Northern Ocean, the ancients applied the name Celt to those peoples who are spoken of as Teutonic in modern parlance.

Hence the connexion between Celt and Teuton as regards writing must go back to a period preceding the Viking inroads of the 8th century.

Strabo and Velleius, moreover, classify them as Germani, and this is perhaps the more probable view, although apparently the distinction between Celt and Teuton was not clearly realized by some of the earlier historians.

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But both Celt and Northman acknowledged the polity of Eugenius, and it was chiefly in the matters of tithe, Peter's pence, canonical degrees and the observance of festivals that Rome had still victories to gain.

Three stone metates, one stone axe, one celt and fifteen hammerstones were found.

Brittany, which was dependent on the province of Tours, had just for a time recovered its independence, thanks to its duke Nominoe: The struggle between the two nationalities, the Celt and the Frank, found a reflexion in the sphere of religion.

Among the wooden objects recovered from the relic beds were tubs, plates, ladles and spoons, a flail for threshing corn, a last for stretching shoes of hide, celt handles, clubs, long-bows of yew, floats and implements of fishing and a dug-out canoe 12 ft.