Sentence Examples with the word cell wall

There is set up at once a certain hydrostatic pressure, due to the turgidity which ensues upon such absorption, and the extensible cell wall stretches, at first in all directions.

When the limit of extensibility is reached the cell wall increases in thickness from the continuation of the latter of the two processes.

In the Thallophytes the cytoplasm may be segmented by constriction, due to the in-growth of a new cell wall from the old one, as in Spirogyra and Cladophora, or by the formation of cleavage furrows in which the new cell-wall is secreted, as occurs in the formation of the spores in many Algae and Fungi.

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The cell wall buckled and bent.

They have never been found to cause in fection, and they have not the characters of conidia; the large size of their nuclei, the reduction of their cytoplasm and the absence of reserve material and their thin cell wall all point to their being male gametes.

Rhyn's anger made his cell wall shake before the energies of Hell itself began suctioning his power from him.

Hugo von MohI (1846) was the first to recognize that the essential vital constituent of the plant cell is the slimy massprotoplasminside it, and not the cell wall as was formerly supposed.

The stretching of the cell wall by the hydrostatic pressure is fixed by a secretion of new particles and their deposition upon the original wall, which as it becomes slightly thicker is capable of still greater extension, much in the same way as a thick band of indiarubber is capable of undergoing greater stretching than a thin one.

The increase in surface of the cell wall is thus duefirstly to the stretching caused by turgidity, and secondly to the formation and deposition of new substance upon the old.