Sentence Examples with the word cc

The box is mounted on a strong hollow steel cylinder CC (fig.

These intersections determine the centres of the semicircles CC which form the ends of the respective knuckles.

In the case of metamerism we can imagine that the atoms are differently linked, say in the case of butylene that the atoms of carbon are joined together as a continuous chain, expressed by CC C C, normally as it is called, whereas in isobutylene the fourth atom of carbon is not attached to the third but to the second carbon atom, i.e.

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Peace CC is safest, read another.

This mode of suspension enables the conductor CC to vibrate freely like a balance, but at the same time very large currents can easily be passed through this perfectly flexible joint.

Miss Nichols fi -ids that it occurs very soon after the germination of the spore in Cc sinus, but no fusion of cells or migration of nuclei was to be observed.

The movable circuit CC thus hangs by two ligaments which are formed of very fine copper wires.

C is the objective, D the micrometer box, E the graduated head of the screw, G the milled i r head by which the screw cc is turned, A an P FIG.

Hence we may suppose that a condition has been attained in which the denser salt water below and around the saucer CC (greatly exaggerated in vertical scale) balances the less dense, but deeper Salb Water v sand,.

Which is connected to one terminal of the insulated battery B, the other terminal being connected to the metallic conductor CC of the wire under test, through a galvanometer G.