Sentence Examples with the word cayenne

Substances like pepper, cayenne pepper, mustard, horse-radish and ginger irritate the stomach and bowel much in the same way, but are more pungent, and are consequently used as condiments.

He was there the royalist leader, and planned a coup d'etat, but on the 18th Fructidor he was arrested, and with fourteen others deported to Cayenne in 1797.

After the republican triumph on the 18th Fructidor (4th of September) 1797 his house was sacked by the mob, and he himself only escaped transportation to Cayenne through the influence of M.

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The principal exports of Cayenne are gold, cocoa, phosphates, hides, woods and spices.

There had for a long period been difficulties with France with regard to the territory which lay between the mouth of the Amazon and Cayenne or French Guiana.

There is a regular mail service between Cayenne and Martinique once a month.

Many hundreds were either sent to Cayenne or imprisoned in the hulks of Re and Oleron.

Distance Richer at Cayenne and G.