Sentence Examples with the word cavern

The principal buildings are the collegiate church of Santa Maria de la Seo, the Dominican monastery, and the church of San Ignazio, built over the cavern (cueva santa) where Ignatius de Loyola spent most of the year 1522 in penitentiary exercises and the composition of his Exercitia spiritualia.

There is, however, in the entrance of the cavern an inscription recording the names of visitors in ancient times.

Supposing a number of some species of arthropod or fish to be swept into a cavern or to be carried from less to greater depths in the sea, those individuals with perfect eyes would follow the glimmer of light and eventually escape to the outer air or the shallower depths, leaving behind those with imperfect eyes to breed in the dark place.

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He confirmed his story by leading his accusers to the cavern where his six companions were found, youthful and beaming with a holy radiance.

Polished rocks outside the cavern and pictographs in the vicinity indicate the work of a prehistoric race earlier than the Osage Indians, who were the historic owners previous to the advent of the white man.

A unique and highly successful experiment merits mention, by which the cool pure air of Luray Cavern is forced through all the rooms of the Limair sanatorium erected in 1901, by Mr T.

The dimensions of the various chambers included in Luray Cavern cannot easily be stated, on account of the great irregularity of their outlines.

On the west side of the Bard is the Orkney Man's Cave - a great cavern with fine stalactites and a remarkable echo.

The summit of Slieve Gullion is crowned by a large cairn, which forms the roof of a singular cavern of artificial construction, probably an early burial-place.

The Dominican monastery, adjoining the cueva santa, commands a magnificent view of the Montserrat, and is used for the accommodation of the pilgrims who yearly visit the cavern in thousands.