Sentence Examples with the word cave in

His last days were spent in a cave in the parish of Sorn, near his birthplace, and there he died in 1686, worn out by hardship and privation.

Scholars today are pretty sure that in the case of Delphi, the oracle was inadvertently breathing gases that rose from the cave in which she sat.

Another choragic monument was that of Thrasyllus, which faced a cave in the Acropolis rock above the Dionysiac theatre.

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In the limestone region of the south there are numerous caves, the most notable being Wyandotte Cave in Crawford county, next to Mammoth Cave the largest in the United States.

COLOSSAL CAVERN, a cave in Kentucky, U.S.A., the main entrance of which is at the foot of a steep hill beyond Eden Valley, and 12 m.

Michele, founded in 491 over a cave in which the archangel is said to have appeared to S.

When Mr Hovey visited this cave in 1855 he found many extinct torches, charcoal embers, poles and pounders, as well as numerous footprints, in the soft nitreous earth of certain avenues, which were left by exploring parties previous to the coming of the white man.

They had to work it out, and if she made love to him tonight, she'd cave in for sure.

On the right bank, near this bridge, is the cave in which Wallace concealed himself after killing Hezelrig and which still bears his name.

Neither does he refer in any way to the famous cave in which, according to the Ignatian myth, the Spiritual Exercises were written.