Sentence Examples with the word cavalry

The infantry was not of good quality; but its cavalry was really an enormous force, numbering fully a hundred thousand in all.

At night the troops, now reinforced by the Guards Brigade, an infantry battalion, 2 cavalry regiments and 10 guns, bivouacked on the ground.

They say the cavalry are blocking the way, said an officer.

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Although the equites were selected from the 'wealthiest citizens, service in the cavalry was so expensive that the state gave financial assistance.

Both armies were very indifferently supplied with information, as both were without any reliable regular cavalry capable of piercing the screen of outposts with which each endeavoured to conceal his disposition, and Napoleon, operating in a most unfriendly country, suffered more in this respect than his adversaries.

It was to anticipate this peril that Mehemet Ali determined himself to open the struggle: on the 1st of November 1831 a force of 9000 Egyptian infantry and 2000 cavalry crossed the frontier into Syria and met at Jaffa the fleet which brought Ibrahim as commander-in-chief.

Artillery and engineer officers come from the Ecole Polytechnique, infantry and cavalry from the Ecole spciale militaire de St-Cyr.

Tallard therefore had a few horse on his right between the Danube and Blenheim, a mass of infantry in his centre atBlenheim itself, and a long line of cavalry supported by a few battalions forming his left wing in the plain, and connecting with the right of Marsin's army.

The redif cavalry is not organized with large units, and in time of war would be employed as divisional troops.

In the second battle, fought eleven years later (3rd August 1645), Conde (then duke of Enghien) and Turenne were the leaders on the one side, and Mercy and Johann von Weert, the dashing cavalry commander whose onset had decided the battle of 1634, on the other.