Sentence Examples with the word cautiously

She made her way through the common areas to the dorms and cautiously opened the door to the room that had been hers.

This might have been so, if he had continued to rule as cautiously as during the time when he was nursing his scheme of revenge.

Down to the 3rd century it is proved by the contemporary Graeco-Roman annals to be utterly untrustworthy - but even for the times of Armenian Christianity it must be used far more cautiously than has been done, for example, by Gibbon.

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When dropped very cautiously into cold water it dissolves into a clear solution.

Stepping cautiously from one foot to the other she ran like a kitten the few steps to the door and grasped the cold door handle.

The cold during the night of the 29th of January was most severe; and early in the morning of the 30th the Swedish king gave the order to start, the horsemen dismounting where the ice was weakest, and cautiously leading their horses as far apart as possible, when they swung into their saddles again, closed their ranks and made a dash for the shore.

For the next week she cautiously accepted his occasional displays of affection.

When reaching far over the bow, Stubb slowly churned his long sharp lance into the fish, and kept it there, carefully churning and churning, as if cautiously seeking to feel after some gold watch that the whale might have swallowed, and which he was fearful of breaking ere he could hook it out.

Thus held out at some distance from the body, it is cautiously advanced by the male spider to the genital aperture of the female.

She peered cautiously over the edge, but couldn't see the car.