Sentence Examples with the word caught up

He's all caught up with his computers.

Not about to get caught up in his games, Jessi rose with her coffee and started into the apartment.

Belatedly, her mind caught up with her mouth.

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By the time he caught up with them, Donnie had recovered somewhat, but gone was the enthusiasm demonstrated earlier and he continued to clutch his father, as close as the seat belt would allow.

She studied him apprehensively, reminded of her cousins, when they were caught up in some sort of drama.

I'm trying to get everything caught up so I can spend a little time with Claudette.

But eventually it would have caught up with you.

Her senses caught up with her, jarring her out of her mind.

He considered the first night they met and how differently it would have played out if he had caught up to her in the parking lot.

Hilden caught up to them as they reached the dungeon, where Vara was opening the iron door to the cell containing Sirian.