Sentence Examples with the word caught on

Anchovies are abundant in the Mediterranean, and are regularly caught on the coasts of Sicily, Italy, France and Spain.

The strap must have caught on something while she was cleaning, because it was loose.

If they flew like ordinary flies their resemblance to Hymenoptera would be obscured by the rapidity of their flight and they might be caught on the wing by insectivorous birds or other insects; but when poised they display their coloration.

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Having thrown the end of his line in the water of a nearby brook he soon felt a sharp tug that told him a fish had bitten and was caught on the bent pin; so the little man drew in the string and, sure enough, the fish came with it and was landed safely on the shore, where it began to flop around in great excitement.

Then I caught on to what he was doing and forced him to stop.

Her gaze caught on a picture of a beach house on the ocean, and she hesitated.

Her attention was caught on the falling stars of the meteor shower.

It is caught on all parts of the British and Irish coasts, but the Dogger Bank, and Rockall, off the Outer Hebrides, have been specially noted for their codfisheries.

It triggers your house's fire system if it detects it has caught on fire.

Gabriel's attention was caught on a faint green glow on a table in the middle of the stacks of dead bodies.