Sentence Examples with the word catholicos

The time had now come for Gregory, who was still a layman and father of two sons, to receive ordination; so he went to Caesarea, where Leontius ordained and consecrated him catholicos or vicar-general of Armenia.

Browne, The Catholicos of the East and his People (London, 1892); G.

A renegade Armenian Catholicos of the 7th century named Isaac has preserved to us a document which sums up their tenets.

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According to the History of Armenia which bears his name he was a pupil of the two fathers of Armenian literature, the patriarch or catholicos Sahak the Great and the vartabed Mesrob.

In the printed text this document, entitled An Invective Against the Armenians, is dated 800 years after Constantine, but the author Isaac Catholicos almost certainly belonged to the earlier time.

The Catholicos of Akhtamar is one of the highest offices in the Armenian Church, and dates from 1113.

This church was due, before all, to the efforts of the Catholicos Sahak (39o439), whose colleague Mesrob, by his translation of the Bible, laid the foundations of an Armenian literature (see ARMENIAN CHURCH).