Sentence Examples with the word categorical

Secondly, it is much more a misrepresentation of categorical judgments of non-existence.

Indeed, we have a categorical statement to this effect in 4 Ezra xiv.

Bosanquet's definition of a categorical judgment contains a similar confusion.

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All other judgments and inferences about existing things, or ideas, or names, whether categorical or hypothetical, are afterthoughts, partly true and partly false.

He was, however, the first whose analysis was sufficiently convincing to exorcise the tyranny of grammatical forms. The categorical and disjunctive judgment reduce to the hypothetical.

He is not, of course, the first to note that even categorical judgments do not assert the realization of their subject.

From simple judgments they proceeded to compound judgments, and declared the hypothetical syllogism to be the normal type of reason, of which the categorical syllogism is an abbreviation.

In other words, a categorical universal is often problematic, but a problematic is not the same as a hypothetical judgment.

Sense, then, outer and inner, or sensation and consciousness, is the origin of sensory judgments which are true categorical beliefs in the existence of sensible things; and primary judgments are such true categorical sensory beliefs that things exist, and neither require conception nor are combinations of conceptions.

Again, since sense is the origin of memory and experience, memorial and experiential judgments are categorical and existential judgments, which so far as they report sensory judgments are always true.