Sentence Examples with the word catalogue

Etheridge, jun., compiled the large Catalogue of Blastoidea in the British Museum, 1886; O.

Gonot, Catalogue des ouvrages imprimes et manuscrits concernant l'Auvergne (1849).

Most of Thenard's memoirs, a list of which may be found in the Royal Society's Catalogue of Scientific Papers, were published in the Annales de Chimie et de Physique, the Memoires d'Arcueil, the Cornptes Rendus and the Memoires of the Academy of Sciences.

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Hardy's Descriptive Catalogue (Rolls Series), i.

The Royal Society's Catalogue of Scientific Papers enumerates 318 memoirs under his name, exclusive of many others published in collaboration with other investigators.

Blaikley (Essay on Musical Pitch, Catalogue of the Royal Military Exhibition, Chelsea, 1890), and Victor Mahillon (Catalogue descriptif et analytique du Musee, Bruxelles, troisieme volume, appendice, 1900) have recorded their experience of wind instruments under changes of temperature.

Among these are Le Diwdn de Ndbiqa Dhobyani; Le Livre de Sibawaihi (2 vols., Paris, 1881-1889); Chrestomathie elementaire de l'arabe litteral (in collaboration with Spiro, 1885; 2nd ed., 1892); Ousdma ibn Mounkidh, un emir syrien (1889); Ousdma ibn Mounkidh, preface du livre du bdton (with trans., 1887); Al-Fdkhri (1895); Oumdra du Gemen (1897), a catalogue of Arabic MSS.

As regards his poems proper, of which there are two long ones, the Henriade and the Pucelle, besides smaller pieces, of which a bare catalogue fills fourteen royal octavo columns, their value is very unequal.

A long list of Boole's memoirs and detached papers, both on logical and mathematical topics, will be found in the Catalogue of Scientific Memoirs published by the Royal Society, and in the supplementary volume on Differential Equations, edited by Isaac Todhunter.

A catalogue of his library was printed in 1813.