Sentence Examples with the word cataclysm

But he is best known as the regenerator of the realm after the cataclysm of1241-1242(see Bela Iv.).

The constitution of the worn-out republic of the United Netherlands work smoothly, and in all probability it would have been within a very short time replaced by an hereditary monarchy, had not the cataclysm of the French Revolution swept it away from its path, never to be revived.

The cataclysm of the French Revolution interrupted his studies.

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Poland had, in fact, emerged from the cataclysm of1648-1667a moribund state, though her not unskilful diplomacy had enabled her for a time to save appearances.

The most important of all the symptoms of the approaching cataclysm was, however, the growing unrest among the peasants.

As early as 1186 the earth had escaped one threatened cataclysm of the astrologers.

In Cyprus, and perhaps on the south-west Anatolian coasts, there is some reason to think that the cataclysm was less complete, and Aegean art continued to languish, cut off from its fountain-head.

Yes, a comet slamming into the planet or some galactic cataclysm could wipe us all out.

King John Casimir, betrayed and abandoned by his own subjects, fled .to Silesia, and profiting by the cataclysm which, for the moment, had swept the Polish state out of existence, the Muscovites, unopposed, quickly appropriated nearly everything which was not already occupied by the Swedes.