Sentence Examples with the word casually

Brandon led her outside and they walked casually toward the barn.

All he had to do was sell one of the original pieces of artwork displayed casually in the marble foyer and he'd be fine for years.

After the amenities were put to rest, Fred casually mentioned they were interested in Mr. Cleary, on Bascomb Place.

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True to form, he showed no reaction to the surprise visitor as he casually flipped on the switch, flooding the room in light.

He was out of place, a bright light in the corner of the dimly lit room, dressed casually in jeans, T-shirt and hiking boots.

If two strangers crossing the Pine Barrens in New York State, or the equally desolate Salisbury Plain in England; if casually encountering each other in such inhospitable wilds, these twain, for the life of them, cannot well avoid a mutual salutation; and stopping for a moment to interchange the news; and, perhaps, sitting down for a while and resting in concert: then, how much more natural that upon the illimitable Pine Barrens and Salisbury Plains of the sea, two whaling vessels descrying each other at the ends of the earth--off lone Fanning's Island, or the far away King's Mills; how much more natural, I say, that under such circumstances these ships should not only interchange hails, but come into still closer, more friendly and sociable contact.

Lord Derby's second administration of 1858 lasted but a single year, Palmerston having casually been defeated on a measure for removing conspiracies to murder abroad from the class of misdemeanour to that of felony, which was introduced in consequence of Orsini's attempt on the life of the emperor of the French.

But his utterances have been only casually preserved.

Mid-morning, Fred O'Connor came by, ostensibly out for a stroll, casually asking for the list of newspaper subscribers.

Jackson knew he had to give her something or she would burst, and, truth be told, he was proud of her for acting so casually when he knew every fiber of her being wanted to jump up and down screeching, 'Tell me, tell me!'.