Sentence Examples with the word castilian

Of Castile, was the natural son of Alvaro de Luna, a Castilian noble.

The political as well as the administrative life of the country was absolutely in the hands of the wire-pullers in Madrid; and their local agents, the governors, the mayors and the electoral potentates styled los Caciques, were all creatures of the minister of the interior at the head of Castilian centralization.

His own ability and the remarkable capacity of his mother proved too much for the king of Leon and his Castilian allies.

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The Montana (hill country) of Burgos, and in particular the district called the Alfoz of Lara, was the cradle of the heroes of the Castilian share in the reconquestthe count Porcellos, and the judge of the people, Lain Calvo, the infantes of Lara, the bastard Mudarra, and Ruy Diaz 0I Bivar, in whose lives legend and history are mingled beyond disentanglement, and of whom some are pure figures of romance.

Among the Castilian peasantry, where education and foreign influence have never penetrated deeply, the national character can best be studied.

He had to surrender to Sucre at the final battle of Ayacucho, which put an end to Castilian rule.

Alphonso of Leon considered himself tricked, and the young king had to begin his reign by a war against his father and a faction of the Castilian nobles.

One and the same vulgar tongue, diversely modified in the lapse of time, has produced Castilian and Portuguese as two varieties, while Catalan, the third language of the Peninsula, connects itself, as has already been pointed out, with the Gallo-Roman.

On the death of the queen in 1504 her son-in-law claimed the regency, and was supported by the Castilian nobles.

The Mozbrabes brought in the large Arabic element, which is one of the features of the Castilian language.