Sentence Examples with the word castellan

JAN ZAMOYSKI (1541-1605), Polish statesman, was the son of Stanislaw, Castellan of Chelm, and Anna Herburtowna, who belonged to one of the most ancient and illustrious families in Poland.

JAN KAROL CHODKIEWICZ (1560-1621), Polish general, was the son of Hieronymus Chodkiewicz, castellan of Wilna.

The first castellan of this new stronghold was Giraldus de Windsor, husband of the Princess Nest of South Wales and grandfather of Giraldus Cambrensis.

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The Chatelain de Coucy (see above) did not belong to the house of the lords of Coucy, but was castellan of the castle of that name.

The small barons were completely reduced to submission, whilst the greater feudatories could often appoint a castellan to their own castles only after he had taken an oath to the king.

Educated at Grojec and Cracow, he began life as a tutor to the family of Andrew Tenczynski, castellan of Cracow, and, some years later, after a visit to Vienna, took orders, and from 1563 was attached to the cathedral church of Lemberg.